What’s Shwop all about anyway?

Shwop is a whole new way to shop for women’s clothing, shoes and accessories in Portland, OR. We’re a membership-based boutique of gently used and new items. We do all of the sorting for you so all you have to do is find things you like.

The first thing people ask when they walk into the store is “Where are the prices?” Shwop is set up for swap so you won’t find price tags on most things. As a member, you pay a membership fee (currently $25/month) but not necessarily for the clothes you take out of the store. The catch? You bring things in to offset what you take, that’s shwopping! The swap of clothes is easy, they don’t have to be the same type – pants for pants, etc. – just try to keep it somewhat even in what you bring and take. Don’t have enough clothing? We take shoes, jewelry, scarves, gloves, on and on.

The rules are pretty casual as we all shop and purge differently but the idea is to keep a flow of things coming in and going out of the store.

Do you have to be a member to shop here? No way! You can just shop too. It’s still a good deal, most items in the store are priced at $5.

If you’ve been spring cleaning already and you’ve got a bunch of stuff you’re planning on donating, bring them in please! We love donations and support two women’s organizations. Your donation will be kept in the store but we will provide a women in need with a shopping voucher. This has been a big hit and as the store grows, so will the outreach.

We’re building a community of shwoppers who care about other women and love the idea of a great deal on quality clothing. You’ll love it too!

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