Toy Swap Rules

1. Weekend of February 21st and 22nd

  • Saturday 12 to 6 (swappers only)
  • Sunday 12 to 4 (swappers and open to the public)

2. Acceptable toys:

  • New and used toys (ideas for items to swap)
    1. need to be clean
    2. in working order
    3. please make sure puzzles, games, etc. have all of their pieces
  • Electronics – LeapFrog, Wii, Xbox, etc. games

3. Cost: free

4. How it will work: Each toy will be assigned a value and the swapper will get that number of tickets to spend on other toys. Say a toy is valued at $5, you would get 5 tickets. That way you can add up your tickets in case you want something bigger. For example, a bicycle would have more value than a puzzle. The goal is to swap all of the toys with each other so we don’t have any leftover but we want to make sure it’s fair for all who participate.

5. Swap day – please bring your own bags or boxes to take home your “new” items.

6. The swap will be held on Saturday 2/21 12:00 to 6:00 and Sunday 12/22 12:00 to 4:00. On Saturday 2/21 the swap will only be open to those who bring toys to swap. Sunday will be open to both swappers and those who want to purchase the toys. Please note, Shwop will be open normal hours for regular clothes shopping and shwopping.

7. What if you don’t have any toys to swap but want to participate? No problem! Sunday will be open to all and you will be able to purchase toys. Hours are 12 to 4.

8. Pass this on to all of your friends and family, the more the better!

9. Questions: info @ or call 503.922.1419

10. You can bring toys in now. We will calculate the number of tickets based on your items and your tickets will be available the weekend of the swap.

11. Leftover toys will be donated.