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Join Shwop and enjoy the benefits that go along with being part of the community. Bag up those unwanted/unused items in your closet – shoes, purses, clothes, etc. We don’t have specific rules on how much you need to bring but shoot for a bagful. Bring items to the store, start shopping and have fun. Take home your new things! The best part, since you are paying your membership fee, you don’t pay for the individual items you just picked out.

NOTE: There are certain, super high-end items that are available only to members in the form of a BOOST.

Membership Add-ons: 

  • Advance notice $10: We’ll notify you of significant new inventory arrivals; includes 48 hour hold
  • Personal shopping $27: Fill out our style profile and we’ll notify you when something fits; includes 48 hour holds
  • Personalized advanced notice $10: Pick one type of item and we’ll notify you when it comes in; includes 48 hour holds
  • Digital shwopping $25: We’ll send you a photo of item(s), up to 5, you may be interested in; includes 48 hour holds