•  All items must be in good, clean, ready-to-wear condition
  • If you have an item that needs to be dry cleaned, please do so before bringing into the shop.
  • Plan to bring in more items than you take – just like an organized swap event.  This will help us keep the store full of great items to shop from. Plus, we sort all bags and only count items that are hang-up ready.
  • Bring the quality of item you would like to receive, and be fair – do not come with a few t-shirts and take away a lot of nice items. Bring your good stuff if you want to get good stuff from others!
  • Take only items in your size(s) and do not shop for others (friends, family members, etc.).  Our price is very affordable; they can enjoy their own membership! Unless, of course, you have a family type of membership.
  • Do not take items from Shwop to give to others, sell or consign, etc. The idea of Shwop is to build a community “closet” and everyone pays their membership fee to take advantage of the great clothing for themselves. Please adhere to this or membership will be revoked.
  • If we are low on a particular item, we may limit the number you can take. Similarly, please don’t take all items in your size if there are not many available.
  • If you don’t see something you want, ask! We might be able to get it from the Shwop community.
  • No one will be allowed to take more items than their membership states, unless otherwise approved by Shwop.
  • There are no guarantees, stated or implied, that anyone will receive exactly what they are looking for in exchange for the items they bring in.
  • Shwop will take all items you bring in and sort them at a later time.  You are free to shop once your initial swap has been made.
  • Returns are not necessary – just swap the item next time your come.
  • Be courteous and conscientious of others, be fair and have fun.
  • Remember, we are not a consignment shop!  This is a whole new way to shop!

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