Lifetime Membership

What is a Lifetime Member?

For those of you that know you will be a part of Shwop of the next couple of years, this is the opportunity for you. Not only are you helping grow Shwop, lifetime membership is a valuable benefit and saves you money!

Whether you join as an individual or family, you will get:

> membership in any store Shwop Nation owns at no additional cost. This includes Shwop stores around Portland and beyond as well as non-clothing type Shwops (think household, art, toys, etc.).

> online shwopping, once available, at no additional cost.

> no more member boosts (boosts = member costs on certain items)

> personal shopping, if desired

> any new services or perks added, lifetime members will automatically receive at no additional cost

> recognition on our “thank you” wall once complete

We are only offering a set number of lifetime memberships. Once you join, you are considered a founding member of Shwop and will receive all of the benefits we add as we grow!

Prices per membership:
Individual – $899
Family – $1499

This is like prepaying for two of years of membership at current monthly rates but it never ends!

Please email (marci @ or call 503-922-1419 with any additional questions.