Shwop Etiquette

While we love being the easiest way for members to recycle their items, we want to make sure we have great items and new inventory on the floor for swapping. We sort through every bag and every item, hang it, price it and then get it on the floor. And that takes time. We ask members to only bring in items that are clean and in great shape.

  • We do not take items that are dirty or have:
  • Missing buttons
  • Stains
  • Zippers not working or missing
  • Shoes that are dirty on the bottom or the inside
  • Items that smell like smoke or pets
  • Items covered in pet hair
  • Armpit or collar stains


**Members only get credit for items that we are able to put directly on the floor.**

Please note: If you have items that are not in great shape, bring them in separately with your good stuff. We have a great recycling program so nothing will end up in the landfill. Right now, we are providing a classroom with t-shirts for a rug they are making for their classroom!