How to post to Shwop’s Facebook page

I’ve been asked on several occasions how to post a picture of a great Shwop find to our Facebook page. So here’s a few steps that should make it easy.

Step #1 – Log in to your own Facebook page and then go to Shwop’s page which is found at

photo 1(14)

Step #2 – select “Photo/Video” in post box and either “choose existing” or “take one” and add image

photo 5(3)

Step #3 – add content. Where are you, what Shwop items are you wearing, etc.

photo 2(14)

Step #4 – click the “post” button


Step #5 – that’s it! 🙂 It should show up like this on your page and be added to our timeline.

photo 3(5)

Now that you know, let’s see those Shwop outfits in action!!

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