Frequently Asked Questions about Shwop

What is Shwop?
Shwop is a membership-based swap boutique. You pay a monthly. annual or lifetime membership and swap clothes, shoes and accessories for the whole family.

Do I have to be a member and swap?
No you do not. Items are priced for non-members. We do have a one day pass too if you’d like to try out shwopping without a time commitment.

How do I Shwop?
Sign up for membership, bring in items you no longer wear and trade them in for things you want. We ask that you only shop in your own size and that you bring in items that are clean, not stained or otherwise not wearable. Get more here.

How much does it cost?
You can get started for as little as $35 per month. Check out this page for more details on fees.

What should I bring?
Anything that’s taking up space in your closets, drawers and jewelry boxes that you’re not wearing. Maybe it doesn’t fit or never did, doesn’t look great on you or you’re not comfortable in it. Make sure items are clean, not stained or missing buttons or broken zippers, etc. Only items that can be put out on the floor will be counted toward credit for taking items out.

How many times can I come in?
You can come in any time you want. In fact, we suggest that you stop weekly or every other week to see what’s new or check out our Facebook page to see what’s happening. The type of membership you decide to purchase will tell you how many items you can take out.

How many items can I take?
This also depends on your membership and how many items you bring in for swapping. Check out more here.

Do you just have women’s clothes?
No, the store is full family – men, women and children.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No. There are a different types of memberships you can check out here. You can just do month-to-month if you like. For example, pay one month, skip the next and then pay the month after that.

What if I want to bring things but don’t want to join?
We do have a shopping pass if you just want to shop for one day. Or you can donate your items. We will give a shopping vouchers based on the items you bring in.

Do the items have to be in season?
No, we store out of season items so bring in those items as you get rid of them and we’ll put them out when the time is right.

Can I shop for my [fill in blank] friend, daughter, mother, etc?
Not at this time, unless you have the family membership. We ask that each customer sign up for their own membership or pay for the items they take out. We want the store to be successful and to always have great things for everyone. If we find out you are taking items for others or to sell, we will cancel your membership and you will forfeit any time left.

Do you take donations?
Yes! We love donations. If you want to drop items off at our store, please do. We provide a shopping voucher for those in need based on the donations we receive in the store. This way people can pick out what they like, try it on and “purchase” items thanks for your generosity. Shwop started this program on day 1 and it’s been working great. We hope to expand to more organizations as the business grows.

Can I buy a gift certificate?
Yes! Know someone who would love Shwop? Got a person who is hard to shop for? Get them a Shwop gift certificate. You can get them in any dollar amount.