Here you will find tips and tricks we use at Shwop as well as things our members have shared. If you have something to add, shoot an email to info @ and we will add it!

Vinegar works wonders!
> add 1/2 cup white, distilled vinegar to color wash to prevent fading

> add 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar when washing brand new clothes to remove stiffness and that chemical smell. Would work well for used clothes too.

Johnson’s baby shampoo
> One of our members uses this on any stain where traditional stain removers fail. Try it on ink!

Rubbing alcohol
> This works amazing on just about any type of fabric that has ink on it. You do have to be careful about how much liquid you use so it doesn’t cause the ink to run, but I’ve lifted a lot of ink from items that have come into the store.

Magic eraser
> These things will clean just about any surface and work like a charm on shoes. Got a pair of old converse that have been run through the mud too many times? This cleans up rubber like a champ. You can also combine it with your favorite cleaning solution and it will pack a much bigger punch.