How to post to Shwop’s Facebook page

I’ve been asked on several occasions how to post a picture of a great Shwop find to our Facebook page. So here’s a few steps that should make it easy. Step #1 – Log in to your own Facebook page and then go to Shwop’s page which is found at Step #2 – select […]

What’s Shwop all about anyway?

Shwop is a whole new way to shop for women’s clothing, shoes and accessories in Portland, OR. We’re a membership-based boutique of gently used and new items. We do all of the sorting for you so all you have to do is find things you like. The first thing people ask when they walk into […]

Shwop is on the move

Things are moving along nicely with the plans for a bigger space. Cannot wait until things are set in stone so I can share all of the details with you. Very exciting time!  Soon we will have space for men’s and kid’s items, so start bagging those things up! I will be back with more […]

Time To SHWOP!

Welcome to the official website and blog for SHWOP! This is a whole new and exciting way to Shop and Swap clothing, shoes, jewelry and anything else you can imagine. We hope you will come check us out.