women's dress at Shwop

About Shwop

Shwop was started out of the love of thrift, resale and consignment shopping but not the time commitment and rules associated. There had to be a better way. The need to create something affordable, environmentally friendly and community building drove the direction of the concept. Shwop is like a resale, thrift, consignment store and swap party all rolled into one, but it’s even better. Not only are we providing a great place to get trade  those clothes, shoes and accessories you no longer wear but we support others in our community. Shwop also gives materials (old, stained, ripped items) to locals to re-use. We like to see everything get another chance and stay out of the landfill.

Shwop is a unique shopping experience and you will love it! Check out the FAQs for more information. It’s a fun way to clean your closets and get some great stuff without spending a whole lot of money. You also get to be part of a community of like-minded people.

Come check us out today and become a part of this new way of shwopping!