You’re invited: a fundraising good time, old fashioned block party. August 16th.

Shwop is hosting and participating in this amazing event. We’ve combined forces with the Brass Balls Run to raise money for the MyMusicRx program through Children’s Cancer Association. You’re going to see Shwoppers like you’ve never seen them before – some are selling products they make, some are providing their services for you to enjoy. There will be booths of all kinds – food, music, drinks, hands-on activities (think pet rock painting, tie dying), massage, facepainting and henna tattooing and more. All of this good time is to raise money for a great cause so come out and support your local small business owners and these courageous kids.


Do you want a closet full of clothes you love? You need Shwop!


Based in Portland Oregon, Shwop is a membership-based boutique for the whole family and a brand new way to swap clothes (shoes and accessories) that you no longer wear and shop for things you will. It’s time to love all of the clothes in your closet.


Here’s what our members are saying:

  • “I love this concept.”
  • “This makes sense for everyone.”
  • “This is so much fun!”
  • “I want one in my neighborhood.”